Building My Dream Bike

Surly Cross Check Frame

The Gravy Train was good to me. It was a platform of great exploration, discovery, and thought. While riding, I was always considering what I would want in a dream bicycle should I ever get the chance to build one. Well I did, and this is how it went. I began with a 2014 Surly Cross ...

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The Big Blue Boat

This is my favorite photo ever taken!

Dreams do come true. Especially when you transform intention into action to manifest your wildest desires. Some desires are much to grand to realize, but others are completely within the realm of possibility. I sold my car in the first week of January. It's been great. This allowed the opportunity to build my dream bicycle. It ...

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Bike Overnight to Patrick’s Point

Chris fired up for some bike camping.

Patrick's Point State Park is located in Humboldt County in the heart of the redwood forest. It is a pleasant day trip from my house in Blue Lake that I have ridden a few times. Taking the very scenic route I can make it a 70 mile day with short hike in the park. Bicycles ...

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The Practice of Yoga

Virabhadrasana II - Warrior 2 Pose

Hello beautiful people of the world, As you may or may not know, I practice yoga. But what you probably do not know is that I do  more then just practice yoga. I am fully engaged in my yoga practice on a daily basis on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. I love yoga. It ...

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Backpacking in the Trinity Alps

The astute group of hardened wilderness survivors ready to take on the world!

Hi Friends! The Trinity Alps Wilderness is located in Trinity County in northern California. It is nestled to the east of Humboldt and the west of Mount Shasta. They are a beautiful and scenic mountain range within a short distance of my home in Blue Lake. I organized a backpacking trip to the Canyon Creek ...

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Climate Ride – 5 Day Bicycle Tour for Bicycles

About 320 miles to go. No problemo!

Success! Hooray! Yipppppeeee!!! I made it folks. I pedaled my bicycle from Fortuna to San Francisco along the California Coast. Over the duration of 5 days with 130 other bicyclists all riding with a purpose, I accomplished this goal that I have been working towards for the past 4 months.     I have been working hard at ...

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Thank you all. It’s Time to Ride!

Hello to all you wonderful beings, I want to thank every one of you. All of you who have donated towards my charity bike ride. And to those of you who are supporting me on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Your dollars are a great resource to make a difference in the charity I have ...

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Jame-O’s Final Pedal. I need your help!

Dear friends, The time is near for my upcoming bicycle ride. But I  need your help. I need to reach the minimum fundraising goal of $2400 by this Sunday, May 12th in order to participate in this ride. I've worked hard these past two months with my training, my advocating, and my fundraising. But haven't quite ...

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Becoming a Celebrity!

Bike Party at the Brewery

Hello Friends, I'm excited to share with you some new and exciting happenings in my life. As you should know by now, in the marvelous month of May I will be participating in a group supported charity bicycle ride, the CLIMATE RIDE, from Fortuna to San Francisco, Ca. I've joined the team for the Adventure ...

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Climate Ride – Rally for the Environment

On May 19, 2013 I will be involved in a  5-day bicycle ride for the environment. The goal is to raise awareness about important sustainability issues such as a warming climate. I've joined the team for the nonprofit Adventure Cycling Association to help raise money for a huge project named the United States Bicycle Route ...

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