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Vipassana: Meditation Towards Enlightenment

The Bell. This saintly object informed us as to when to make our way to the hall

Greetings celestial beings, the latest phase of this journey of exploration and growth was to go internal, deepening my meditation practice at a 10 day residential silent meditation course in the technique of Vipassana. Vipassana is an ancient method of meditation as taught by Gautama the Buddha 2500 years ago. Buddha simply means enlightenment. And ...

Thru-Hike on the Tahoe Rim Trail

So eager to begin my adventure!

Hello you shining stars! I've been pedaling the west coast for the past two months and decided to get off the roads and find some much needed mountain time. From Atwater in the Central Valley, the Big Blue Boat (my bicycle) sailed north towards the Sierra Nevadas of Lake Tahoe. I parked this mighty iron ...

Success! The Mexican Border within Reach

So Cal beaches

Southern California boasts beautiful coastline and great weather. The sky was sunny and clear, and rolling through on 4th of July weekend people were out. I had never seen so many people on the beach ever in my life. It was amazing. It almost felt like everyone in southern California had flocked to the beach for ...

Pedaling California

Hello California

California is such a great state. I absolutely love it. And not just because I've lived most my life in this state, but because it bestows a great diversity of environment, people, landscape, and weather. California is gorgeous and if you haven't had a chance to experience this state firsthand, putting California on your list of ...

The Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coastline has voluminous amounts of white sand that is pleasing to the eyeballs.

Oregon still holds the top spot as my favorite state to pedal in. And with good reason. The state of Oregon has a diverse and abundant range of landscapes and ecosystems. On this trip I am fortunate enough to enjoy the splendor of wide sweeping vistas up and down the coastline. I cannot think of ...

Goodbye Washington, Hello Oregon

The Big Blue Boat packed up and ready for a bike ride

Friends, life on a bike has been treating me well. There have been some rough patches, but overall I wouldn't change a thing. Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone. And that region is reached when you wake up to hop in the saddle day after day. I've successfully pedaled 400 miles from ...

West Coast Bicycle Tour Begins

All packed up and ready to ride my bicycle

Hello Friends and Family! It is official. I am back on tour. Hooray. The manifestation of my intention that was set 2 years ago has come to fruition. I desired to acquire a deeper knowledge of yoga to take with me into the world to share love and happiness with others while riding a bicycle. ...

Deep Water Solo in Vietnam

Ha Long Bay, limestone cliffs galore!

Adventure! Climbing! Exploring! Traveling! Living! These all collided in northern Vietnam at a very special ocean area, Ha Long Bay. Here one finds a plethora of limestone islands with shear faces polka-dotting the bay. I took a boat to a very underdeveloped island named Cat Ba Island. This place was so sweet! There was a single ...

Finding Annie’s Rock

Two of the most wonderful people in Davis!

WHATs UP BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. Living in alignment with my calling to be local, a great friend of mine DK introduced me to the local hiking trail just outside of Davis accessible by motor vehicle in about 20 minutes. This being our second trip out we invited his caring and loving partner Erin to join us ...

Cantelow Hill: A Be Local Bicycle Ride

A bicycle is a great way to explore places new and old

I have a personal mission in every place I live, visit, or explore to engage in the local activities that are close to home. Be Local!  I believe full heartedly that the same joy experienced in a place as awe-inspiring as Yosemite can be felt close to home. The surroundings do not create the feeling, ...

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