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Author Archives: Jameson

Acro Performance at Whole Earth Festival

Hi Friends, I got together with my friend Cheyne and put on a little performance of this thing I like to do called Acroyoga. It is a partner based acrobatic form of yoga that is so much fun. In case you can’t tell, we are having the time of our lives. Enjoy the video. And … Continue reading »

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Watershed Scale Sediment Flux

Rivers are conveyer belts of water and sediment

A watershed is an important component of a landscape whereby all the water that falls on the land’s surface from precipitation drains to a single location. Sediment is solid material that is moved from one location to another. A hillslope is the fundamental unit of a watershed. Precipitation that falls on hillslopes eventually makes its … Continue reading »

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30 Revolutions

Hello Friends, I recently tured 30. Whoah. I know. It’s not just turning a year older, but in a sense its turning the page on a decade. I have been pretty excited for the 30’s. The 20’s got progressively better as they went on. My understanding, knowledge, and passion for life all improved tremendously through … Continue reading »

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Davis Stampede: Story of a Runner

Hello Friends, The Davis Stampede is a road race for runners with distances of 5k, 10k, and half marathon. It twists and winds from downtown Davis, through city blocks, along bike paths, over a stretch of gravel, and on down the Davis Bike Loop. I decided awhile back that it would be fun to run the … Continue reading »

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River Science in Battle Creek

Welcome to Battle Creek

Warm wishes to my fellow river lovers. I have been spending my time learning, exploring, and playing on my favorite river, Battle Creek. Battle Creek is a tributary to the Sacramento River located in northern California near Red Bluff. It’s upper reaches span to the peak of Mt. Lassen and it flows west into the … Continue reading »

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Personal, Relevant Background and Future Goals

“No vestige of a beginning, no prospect of an end” is the famous statement from the father of modern geology, James Hutton, and it echoes through my experiences as a research scientist. Hutton developed the theory of uniformitarianism viewing current processes of erosion and sedimentation to illuminate the formation of geologic features over unfathomable timescales. … Continue reading »

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Foxy’s Fall Century Bicycle Ride

Excited to get on our bikes and ride!

A better day to ride could not have been possible. The weather cool but not cold. Every rider cheery and excited. And nothing but good times lay ahead.The Davis Bicycle Club puts on an annual bicycle ride with distances of 50k, 100k, and 100 mile.  The ride begins 5 blocks from my house at Davis Senior … Continue reading »

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A Return to Academia

Veihmeyer Hall, my new home away from home.

Greetings Scholars, The University of California in Davis is a fine research institution making an ideal location to continue graduate studies in the field of fluvial geomorphology. I emerged back into this world at the beginning of September and resumed graduate level course work with fun and interesting classes in October. I am in the … Continue reading »

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SloMo Backflip

I have had a recent interest in flipping my body. Handstands have led to this desire. It’s so cool to be upside down. On the way home from hiking near Lake Berryessa my friend DK and I stopped to cool ourselves off at the rope swing on Putah Creek. This is very cold water. I decided … Continue reading »

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Vipassana: Meditation Towards Enlightenment

The Bell. This saintly object informed us as to when to make our way to the hall

Greetings celestial beings, the latest phase of this journey of exploration and growth was to go internal, deepening my meditation practice at a 10 day residential silent meditation course in the technique of Vipassana. Vipassana is an ancient method of meditation as taught by Gautama the Buddha 2500 years ago. Buddha simply means enlightenment. And … Continue reading »

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