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Hiking Mt. Bukhansan

Posted by on May 13, 2011

Another hike, yes, and it was awesome. Mt. Bukhansan National Park is located north of Seoul. It is a series of peaks in a very large mountainous area riddled with temples and hikers.

So we were attempting to hike the national parks biggest mountain. Baegundae. But without proper directions and some last minute changes, we were only pretty sure we were headed in the right direction. At the bus stop we tried to confirm where we were going with a korean who spoke no English but shook his head disapprovingly when we pointed at what bus we thought we wanted. He waited with us and pointed to another bus and shuffled us on. So we got on, trusting and doubting at the same time. He was really nice and walked us from the bus all the way to the trail head. We asked some younger koreans who spoke some English and they told us we were about 8 hours of hiking away from the peak. Thus, the guy took us to the wrong side of the mountain.


Looking at Munsubong (Peak)



But it was okay. Where we did hike was awesome. We ended up hiking to the top of Munsubong, or Munsu Peak. Along the way there were many surprises in store for us, including but not limited too…temples, large walls and gates, and trail magic.

A hidden temple one the hike up

We viewed many temples on our hike. This photo being the first and the smallest. They are traditional chinese Buddha temples and have many sculptures of Buddha and chinese writing all over the outside. This temple had a monk singing the most beautiful sound to touch my ears in a long time. There is a quiet stillness around these places that captivates your attention and humbles you all at the same time.

The Fortress Gate

Surprise, we thought we were hiking to a peak, and we found this thing. It was blocking our way to the top. Luckily it was open, and we passed on through safely. It runs a good distance along the ridge and was built by the monk army many centuries ago.

Eating homemade cookies from mom at the Peak. Yum

A shout out to my mother for her awesome magic cookie bars. I enjoyed them with my girlfriend Laurel and our friend Cindy. The three of us made the journey to the top of this awesome mountain.


The hike was supercool. And I could go on and on with text, but I’ll finish this blogpost up with some of my favorite photos from the day. Enjoy!!


Fortress Wall and Temple


Buddha statues inside Temple


I love this photo, also inside a Temple


Lanterns Lanterns Everywhere!


Cherry Blossom petals floating in a pool


And after a super hard day of hiking, approximately 7 miles, 2ooo feet of elevation gain, and a good 8-9 hours on our feet, we caught the train home and went for some food. Laurel and I tried out this new Mandu place in the busy city center near our house. Mandu are steamed dumplings, and when they are good, they are great. We were sooooo satisfied with these things it was incredible. Now tell me, is this not the most satisfied face you’ve ever seen??

Happy Laurel

If you would like to see more photos, please check my flickr photos page. Here is the link:


Thanks and have a great day!


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