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Thru-Hike on the Tahoe Rim Trail

So eager to begin my adventure!

Hello you shining stars! I’ve been pedaling the west coast for the past two months and decided to get off the roads and find some much needed mountain time. From Atwater in the Central Valley, the Big Blue Boat (my bicycle) sailed north towards the Sierra Nevadas of Lake Tahoe. I parked this mighty iron … Continue reading »

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Finding Annie’s Rock

Two of the most wonderful people in Davis!

WHATs UP BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. Living in alignment with my calling to be local, a great friend of mine DK introduced me to the local hiking trail just outside of Davis accessible by motor vehicle in about 20 minutes. This being our second trip out we invited his caring and loving partner Erin to join us … Continue reading »

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Backpacking in the Trinity Alps

The astute group of hardened wilderness survivors ready to take on the world!

Hi Friends! The Trinity Alps Wilderness is located in Trinity County in northern California. It is nestled to the east of Humboldt and the west of Mount Shasta. They are a beautiful and scenic mountain range within a short distance of my home in Blue Lake. I organized a backpacking trip to the Canyon Creek … Continue reading »

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Listen for the Echo

I wanted to share a video from a life changing event. In April of 2009, I backpacked through Canyonlands National Park for the first time with my buddy Phil Eskamani. We spent an enthralling 5 days hiking through canyon country. We sidetripped to the Druid Arch. An amazing natural feature located at a junction of … Continue reading »

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Seoraksan: Hiking through a typhoon!

Hello Everyone! I finally got the hike that I’ ve been longing to do in. But with adverse weather conditions, it made for a moist and soggy 13 hour slog through the mountains. Today I’ll share my weekend trip to climb Dae Cheong Bong, the highest peak of Seorak Mountain. Laurel and I hopped on … Continue reading »

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Glissade Video – A trip to Wheeler Peak

sign on top of wheeler peak

I really want to share one of my favorite videos with you. And to give the video a little context, I’ll just share the entire trip. It took place in New Mexico in the summer of 2010. The trip is hiking up to New Mexico’s highest peak, Wheeler Peak. The video is about taking the … Continue reading »

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Red’s Meadow Bath House


6 days into our hiking journey along the John Muir Trail, Laurel Goodman and I found a developed backpackers rest stop just off the trail. It’s called Red’s Meadow and is adjacent to the Devil’s Postpile at the end of the road from Mammoth Mountain, California.  There is an awesome little cafe that cooks up … Continue reading »

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Hiking Mt. Bukhansan

Another hike, yes, and it was awesome. Mt. Bukhansan National Park is located north of Seoul. It is a series of peaks in a very large mountainous area riddled with temples and hikers. So we were attempting to hike the national parks biggest mountain. Baegundae. But without proper directions and some last minute changes, we … Continue reading »

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Mt. Manisan

My first hike in Korea! And it was awesome!!! This hike was done on March 1st, 2011. Which is the Korean Independence Day. My first hike in Korea! And it was totally exciting and memorable. Laurel and I signed up for the trip through Discover Korea, a group run by a Korean …

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