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Red’s Meadow Bath House

Posted by on June 1, 2011

6 days into our hiking journey along the John Muir Trail, Laurel Goodman and I found a developed backpackers rest stop just off the trail. It’s called Red’s Meadow and is adjacent to the Devil’s Postpile at the end of the road from Mammoth Mountain, California.  There is an awesome little cafe that cooks up a mean breakfast and dinner, with an even meaner milkshake. We met some friends at Red’s Meadow, shared some stories over dinner, and met the kindest waitress ever.This waitress showered us with presents which we used in the bath house.


Red's Meadow Bath House

A look at our bath house for the evening

Laurel and I hadn’t showered since we left 6 days previously. Unless you consider baby wipes in unspoken of areas to stay clean. We do. Anyways, we arrived at Red’s Meadow, took off our boots, and went inside the cafe to eat. There we scarfed an awesome blue cheese ribeye steak and salad and were enjoying the company of the psychedelic, super organic woman serving us our food. She told us about the bath house. A bath house eh.

Behind the building is a series of 6 showers that receive water from a natural hot spring which is pumped into the showers. The showers are also stone tubs that are kinda mucky. “Now the one closest to the source will be the hottest, so make sure you get that one,” she tells us. She also gives us a scrub brush and a bottle of soap to clean out the tub. This is all good, but she tells us not to just take a shower, but to have a warm bath. “Okay” we think.

Then she gave us a piece of an old shirt to plug the drain, she also gives us some Eucalyptus sea salt. Some more soap for bubbles. Cuts up some limes. And some milk powder to rejuvenate our skin and make us silky smooth.

So we hop on over and scrub the tub. Plug it up. Fill it with all the goodies. And have ourselves a good soak. This place was too good to leave without making a video of it. So here you go. Enjoy!


[youtube AUo50ATmO_Y ]

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