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Seoraksan: Hiking through a typhoon!

Hello Everyone! I finally got the hike that I' ve been longing to do in. But with adverse weather conditions, it made for a moist and soggy 13 hour slog through the mountains. Today I'll share my weekend trip to climb Dae Cheong Bong, the highest peak of Seorak Mountain. Laurel and I hopped on a ...

Red’s Meadow Bath House


6 days into our hiking journey along the John Muir Trail, Laurel Goodman and I found a developed backpackers rest stop just off the trail. It's called Red's Meadow and is adjacent to the Devil's Postpile at the end of the road from Mammoth Mountain, California.  There is an awesome little cafe that cooks up ...

Hiking Mt. Bukhansan

Another hike, yes, and it was awesome. Mt. Bukhansan National Park is located north of Seoul. It is a series of peaks in a very large mountainous area riddled with temples and hikers. So we were attempting to hike the national parks biggest mountain. Baegundae. But without proper directions and some last minute changes, we were ...

Mt. Manisan

My first hike in Korea! And it was awesome!!! This hike was done on March 1st, 2011. Which is the Korean Independence Day. My first hike in Korea! And it was totally exciting and memorable. Laurel and I signed up for the trip through Discover Korea, a group run by a Korean ...

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