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Videos: Colorado River High Water River Crossing

Posted by on June 16, 2011


Hello everyone, I want to share some fun videos from the summer of 2010 while I was involved collecting research on a river you may be familiar with; the Colorado River. We were collecting data on the headwaters of this river in Rocky Mountain National Park.


I was working with Professor Sara Rathburn at Colorado State University on a river restoration project. We hit the jackpot and were present for the highest flow on record. And if you don’t know, that is a big thing!!!

This first video is of me crossing the river at a bifurcation, or where the river is split in two, so I’m not feeling the full effects of the river’s wrath. A fortuitously place log helped aid me across unscathed.


[tentblogger-youtube isAAeCvrqXI]


This second video is of Sara crossing at one of our survey sections. She is taking the full brunt of the forced head on. I was not able to cross hear and Sara had to turn around as well. This was our first attempt to cross. The previous and  successful attempt is the first video.


[tentblogger-youtube QQN8A3nhmjI]



I hope you enjoyed watching these two videos as much as I did when I was out there. Rocky Mountain National Park is a very special place and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment I spent there.

Thank you, and have a wonderful day!


One Response to Videos: Colorado River High Water River Crossing

  1. Laurel

    Awesome videos! I am definitely missing the beautiful flowing water coming out of Rocky Mountain National Park that has cooled me for so many summers past.

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